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  • Cubicle Chalkboard Project

    Cubicle Chalkboard Project

    May 9th, 2014

    Like many of you, I work in a cubicle, and while I can appreciate having my own little space, it sure does leave me hurting for creativity at times. Especially since I work in a room with a bunch of keep-to-themselves developer guys. We used to have a whiteboard mounted on the wall behind my cube on which I would draw just about anything – handlettered quotes, caricatures, even occasionally requests for coworkers. It was a good way to take a break and spread a few smiles around the room now and then. Well, a few weeks ago they took down that whiteboard and replaced it with three cubicles and more dev guys. It took me about a week without the whiteboard to take action and make my own board for my cubicle. Chalkboards are so trendy right now that I went for that instead of whiteboard. The project was easy enough and Chad was more than willing to break out the drill and Gorilla Glue to help. So it was off to Home Depot. They sell 2′x4′ pre-made chalkboard which they will cut down for you. I had them cut mine just a few inches shorter than the cover of my cubicle shelf. I also had them cut me a piece of trim to be used as the lip at the bottom of the chalkboard. Total cost was just about $10. I sanded and painted the trim while Chad measured and drilled the holes in the board. We glued the trim on with regular wood glue and that didn’t last so we upgraded to Gorilla Glue which is holding nicely and we hung the board using S hooks.

    It couldn’t have been any easier and now I can draw/letter/get creative for brief breaks without leaving the comfort of my own little cubicle.

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  • Crocheted Cupcake Hat

    Crocheted Cupcake Hat

    February 23rd, 2014

    A few weeks ago, I got to meet my friends Greg and Paige’s beautiful baby girl for the first time. Eliana is about 8 months old now. She is a very happy baby, and hardly made any fuss at all as Paige and I chatted over coffee for the better part of an hour. Immediately I knew I was going to have to make something equally sweet for this sweet baby. My friend Helen had made an adorable little cupcake hat last year for another friend’s baby. So, to the internet I went. I ended up buying a pattern for this one instead of trying to do it myself. Mostly because I don’t have a good idea of how big babies’s heads are. This went really quickly. I had it finished in about 3 hours – all in one sitting. Here are some pictures of the hat and of the lovely miss Eliana modeling it. She was pretty excited to drool on it which means, success!!

    cupcake hat
  • Just a Skosh

    Just a Skosh

    December 18th, 2013

    My fiancé and I go to a wine tasting every other week with some close friends, a few who hail from Wisconsin originally. They are frequently asking for just a skosh more. Well everybody has their own idea of what a skosh is. We’ve even encountered a few people who have no idea what a skosh is. I jumped at the opportunity to define it ourselves and make it official by putting it on paper. My idea turned into a really sweet holiday gift, and some very happy and grateful friends.

    My process involves sketching, tracing, scanning, printing, tracing, sketching and then a final scan and coloring in photoshop. Then I print final versions. This one was printed onto shiny paper for an extra little punch. The final product was a framed 5″ x 7″ print. For the record – Skosh – more than a smidgen, less than a top off, approximately two splashes.

  • 2013 Holiday Cards

    2013 Holiday Cards

    December 15th, 2013

    I did a couple holiday cards last month. One that ended up serving my parents and featuring their adorable Cocker Spaniel Nigel and another that included our pets, Mustache Molly the bunny, and Chewbacca the cat. I also had a ton of fun doing fancy addresses on the envelopes.

    holiday cards holiday cards
  • Instagram Lettering #2

    Instagram Lettering #2

    October 29th, 2013

    This week’s hand lettering for work’s Instagram account. I like the idea of tying imagery into my work. I must confess the text on the screen was added afterwards in Photoshop. I just couldn’t get it right by hand. I put this on a snowy background because we just got our first real snow of the season.

    holiday cards
  • Instagram Lettering #1

    Instagram Lettering #1

    October 29th, 2013

    So, Tuesday I got recruited by our social team at work to do some lettering. I had tossed up some quick lettering on one of the white boards in our office and they noticed. It’s pretty exciting to have an excuse to do something different. I started off sketching on my meeting notes in pen. For whatever reason I seem to be lacking pencils at my desk. Then I scanned it in, made some small changes and slapped it on some leaves. They won’t end using the leaves shot, but I liked it so I left it as the final.

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  • Your Lips are Red

    Your Lips are Red

    Kinetic type project done using Photoshop and AfterEffects. Song is Your Lips Are Red by St. Vincent.

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  • This American Life This American Life Kinetic Type

    This American Life Kinetic Type

    Video in background found on youtube. Created in AfterEffects

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